Interactive Catalogue of World CHALCIDOIDEA 2001
The Natural History Museum by John S. Noyes

This module contains 554,064 units of primary referenced information dealing with the taxonomy, biology, morphology and distribution of Chalcidoidea taken from 39,154 references up to 2001. The Chalcidoidea is made up of 20 families totalling 21,502 valid species, and is distributed in all regions on earth.

The 9,934 host species parasitised by Chalcidoidea are from Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera, Hemiptera, Diptera and Coleoptera, and 15 other minor groups. It is used as biological control agents against 560 species of pests, introduced into 314 countries or regions. It is shown to be associated with 1,431 species of animals and 2,953 species of plants. The Chalcidoid is in turn parasitised by 195 species , mostly by members of its superfamily.

The 18,978 species with known type depositories are located in 244 institutions, and close to 82 percent are found in 16 institutes with 200 or more name-bearing types. The sex ratio of the types is 90 percent female.