Taxonomy, biology, morphology and distribution

Dicky Sick Ki Yu
Cornelis van Achterberg (Braconidae)
Klaus Horstmann (Ichneumonidae)

This module contains taxonomic, biological, morphological and distribution information relating to Ichneumonoidea, Megalyroidea and Stephanoidea taken from  33,076 references up to December 2011. The information from these references are 'deconstructed', that is broken down into its basic searchable elements, and each element is stored with its source of reference and the related taxon. There are 3,576,065 such elements in the Ichneumonoidea 2011. Taxapad then collates and indexes these elements so they can be manipulated and retrieved.

The taxonomic decisions made in arranging the taxa in the module were based on published information entered by DYU. Through the meticulous checking and comparing of their records with this module by Dr. Cornelis van Achterberg on Braconidae and Dr. Klaus Horstmann on Ichneumonidae, much of the taxonomic ambiguities and data entry errors were corrected. Since this is just an attempt to collate published information in a more useable form, no new taxonomic changes nor names are proposed. The only new materials included are 339 unpublished drawings of Dr. van Achterberg of type specimens of mainly generic type species.