Distribution page

The distribution information in the Ichneumonoidea 2011 module is based on 14,639 publications, and shows that Ichneumonoidea is distributed in 9 regions and 233 countries, with some countries divided further because they are spread over two regions or because the subdivisions are commonly used in publications. Latitude/longitude positions are also presented for type locations if available.

All the regions are non-overlapping except Europe, which covers an area very similar to the Western Palaearctic. Europe is defined as the area west of the Ural Mountains, north of the Caucasus Mountains and north of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The delineation of the other regions is based on H. Townes as defined in his catalogues. Thus Afrotropical region is defined as Africa south of the Sahara, and including the Arabian peninsula and Madagascar. The Nearctic region is defined as continental U.S.A., Canada and Greenland. The Western Palaearctic region is defined as Europe west of the Ural Mountains, the Caucasus, the Middle East and Africa north of the Sahara and including the Madeira Islands, Canary Islands and Iceland. The Eastern Palaearctic is east of the Ural Mountains, north of the Himalayas, China north of 30 latitude, and most of Japan. The Oriental region includes Asia south of 30 latitude, south of the Himalayas and east from Pakistan. The Australasian region is east and south of the Wallace line, thus covering part of Indonesia and all of Papuan New Guinea and continental Australia. The Oceanic region area is made up of the rest, being islands separated from the major land mass by deep oceanic trenches. New Zealand is included here.