Taxonomy page

The nomenclatural part of the Ichneumonoidea 2011 module is made up of  66,874 names gleaned from the literature up to December 2011. The names are arranged in a downward dividing structure (an upside-down tree) with subspecies and species at the bottom and going up to subgenera and genera, tribe and subtribe etc. Ichneumonoidea is comprised of two main families, Braconidae with 46 subfamilies and 19,439 valid species and Ichneumonidae with 48 subfamilies and 24,281 valid species.

The taxonomic part of the database contains source of the original description, name bearing type information (holotype, lectotype and neotype for species level taxa, and species or genus for supra-specific taxa), changes in combination, synonymies, homonymies, and relevant taxonomic information relates to nomenclature and systematics.