Taxapad 2012

Taxapad 2012 is a relational database of 343,386 scientific names, mostly from Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera and other groups that are associated with Ichneumonoidea and Chalcidoidea, taken from various recent and past references. The scientific names are divided into 25 taxonomic groups, each with its own indexes and hierarchical listings.

Ichneumonoidea 2011 and Chalcidoidea 2001 are two modules that use Taxapad as a framework for presenting referenced information. The listing function in Taxapad can be used to list taxa or references pertaining to any subject (for example country, or host), or to list subjects pertaining to any taxa. Distribution data of any taxa can be viewed graphically at any of the three projections and four scales available. By using the list to file function, any of the listings can be downloaded to a text file for use in other applications. The  33,076 references in Ichneumonoidea 2012 and  43,095 references in Chalcidoidea 2001 can be edited using Refind or can be used with Taxapad to list references by subject, so that bibliography can be easily downloaded in any format aided by a format wizard.

Taxapad is a notepad for biologists because it allows biologists to append personal notes (text, images and sound files) to any of the scientific names. With the designation of key-phrases, the search function of the Taxapad can act as a simple identification tool.