To search for a taxonomic name:
  • Click on the Index icon to show the taxonomic index
  • Enter a search phrase in the search box on the top left panel and click on "GO" (or just press <enter>) to go to the requested position on the index list.
  • The index will be uploaded to start with the closest match found.
  • Use the page up [pgup], page down [pgdn], line up [lnup] and line down [lndn] buttons to navigate the index.
  • Double click any item on the index to show information about the taxon on this panel.

    To search for a reference (only available for the Ichneumonoidea taxonomic group)
    Same as the above except you should click on the Reference icon to bring up the reference index.

    The icons
    To show this help page.
    To go back to previously visited taxa.
    To edit personal note for the current taxon. For members only.
    To show the taxonomic index.
    To show the reference index.

    The tabs
    To show the taxonomy page.
    To show the list of taxa page.
    To show the reference page.
    To show the personal note page. For members only.
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    Please send me information about errors and omissions (contact information)
    with supporting references, possibly with pdf or hard copy.