Hymenoptera - Ichneumonoidea
including Megalyroidea & Stephanoidea
HIGHER TAXA : Hymenoptera>Ichneumonoidea>Braconidae>Alysiinae>Alysiini>Dapsilarthra
Dapsilarthra sylvia (Haliday 1839)
Unique identifierAlysia sylvia Haliday 1839[]
Original nameAlysia sylvia Haliday 1839
ProtologueHaliday, A.H. 1839. Hymenoptera Brittanica: Alysia. London. Balleire. 28 pp.
DistributionAustria; China; China-Jilin; Czechoslovakia; Germany; Hungary; Ireland; Italy (country); Italy-main; Poland; Romania; Russia; Russia-Murmansk Oblast; Spain; Spain-main; Switzerland; United Kingdom
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Synonym (1)
Dapsilarthra carpathica van Achterberg 1983
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