Macrolepidoptera - others
HIGHER TAXA : Lepidoptera>Frenatae>Bombycoidea>Sphingidae>Macroglossinae>Hippotion
Hippotion celerio (Linnaeus 1758)
Unique identifierSphinx celerio Linnaeus 1758[]
Original nameSphinx celerio Linnaeus 1758
Web of life5 partners
Synonym (8)
Hippotion albolineata (Montrouzier 1864); Hippotion inquilinus (Harris 1781); Hippotion luecki Closs 1912; Hippotion ocys Hubner 1819; Hippotion phoenix (Oken 1815); Hippotion rosea Closs 1911; Hippotion sieberti Closs 1910; Hippotion tisiphone (Linnaeus 1758)
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