Hymenoptera - Ichneumonoidea
including Megalyroidea & Stephanoidea
HIGHER TAXA : Hymenoptera>Ichneumonoidea>Braconidae>Braconinae>Braconini>Habrobracon>hebetor
Habrobracon brevicornis (Wesmael 1838)
 junior synonym of Habrobracon hebetor (Say 1836)
Unique identifierBraco brevicornis Wesmael 1838[]
Original nameBraco brevicornis Wesmael 1838
ProtologueWesmael, C. 1838. Monographie des Braconides de Belgique. 4. Nouveaux Memoires de l'Academie Royale des Sciences et Belles-lettres de Bruxelles. 11:1-166. [pdf]
DistributionAlgeria; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Belgium; Bulgaria; Canary Islands; China; China-Fujian; China-Guangdong; China-Guangxi; China-Hainan Island; China-Heilongjiang; China-Hubei; China-Jiangxi; China-Jilin; China-Shandong; China-Shanghai; China-Xizang; China-Yunnan; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Czechoslovakia; Egypt; France; France-main; Georgia; Germany; Hungary; India; Iran; Israel; Italy (country); Italy-Sicily; Italy-main; Lesotho; Mauritius; Mexico; Morocco; Netherlands; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Russia; Russia-Dagestanskaya Respublika; Russia-Krasnodar Kray; Russia-Omsk Oblast; Slovakia; South Africa; Spain; Spain-main; Sudan; Switzerland; Syria; Tajikistan; Turkey; Turkmenistan; Ukraine; United Kingdom; Uzbekistan
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