Hymenoptera - Ichneumonoidea
including Megalyroidea & Stephanoidea
HIGHER TAXA : Hymenoptera>Ichneumonoidea>Braconidae>Braconinae>Braconini>Habrobracon>hebetor
Habrobracon juglandis (Ashmead 1889)
 junior synonym of Habrobracon hebetor (Say 1836)
Unique identifierBracon juglandis Ashmead 1889[]
Original nameBracon juglandis Ashmead 1889
ProtologueAshmead, W.H. 1889. Descriptions of new Braconidae in the collection of the U.S. National Museum. Proceedings of the United States National Museum. 11(1888):611-671. [pdf]
DistributionU.S.A.; U.S.A.-California; U.S.A.-Hawaii; U.S.A.-Illinois
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