Hymenoptera - Ichneumonoidea
including Megalyroidea & Stephanoidea
HIGHER TAXA : Hymenoptera>Ichneumonoidea>Braconidae>Rogadinae>Aleiodini>Aleiodes>coxalis
Aleiodes nunbergi (Noskiewicz 1956)
 junior synonym of Aleiodes coxalis (Spinola 1808)
Unique identifierRhogas nunbergi Noskiewicz 1956[]
Original nameRhogas nunbergi Noskiewicz 1956
ProtologueNoskiewicz, J. 1956. [Deux especes nouvelles du genre Rhogas Nees (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) et quelques remarques sur les especes voissines.] (in Polish with French summary) Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne. 24:173-186.
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