Hymenoptera - Chalcidoidea
HIGHER TAXA : Apocrita>Chalcidoidea>Trichogrammatidae
Prestwichia Lubbock 1864
Unique identifierPrestwichia Lubbock 1864[]
Original namePrestwichia Lubbock 1864
ProtologueLubbock, J. 1864. On two aquatic Hymenoptera, one of which uses its wings for swimming. Transactions of the Linnean Society of London. 24:135-142.
DistributionAustralasian; Europe; Oriental; Western Palaearctic
Web of life17 partners
Species (5)
Prestwichia aquatica Lubbock 1864; Prestwichia indica Jonathan & Julka 1975; Prestwichia multiciliata Lin 1993; Prestwichia solitaria Ruschka 1913; Prestwichia zygopterorum (Tillyard 1926)
Synonym (1)
Austromicron Tillyard 1926
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