Hymenoptera - Proctotrupoidea etc.
HIGHER TAXA : Apocrita>Proctotrupoidea>Proctotrupidae>Proctotrupinae>Proctotrupes
Proctotrupes bistriatus Moller 1882
Unique identifierProctotrupes bistriatus Moller 1882[]
Original nameProctotrupes bistriatus Moller 1882
Synonym (6)
Proctotrupes cockerelli (Brues 1919); Proctotrupes debilis (Brues 1919); Proctotrupes florissantensis (Rohwer 1909); Proctotrupes niger (Tomsik 1944); Proctotrupes pubescens (Kieffer 1906); Proctotrupes sequoiarum (Brues 1919)
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